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Enjoy the Trivia & Where Are They Now?

09/27/2016 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

1. How many issues of Enjoy Magazine have been published, including this one?

a. 100

b. 101

c. 121

d. 150

2. Which animal has not appeared on the cover of Enjoy Magazine?

a. Goat

b. Horse

c. Sheep

d. Fish

3. What year did Enjoy the Store open?

a. 2008

b. 2010

c. 2012

d. 2014

4. What was on the cover of the October 2015 issue?

a. A girl drinking a cup of coffee looking at past issues of Enjoy.

b. A girl lying down on a couch surrounded by past issues of Enjoy.

c. A girl with a birthday hat on.

d. An illustration for our 9th birthday.

5. Who is the newest member of the Enjoy team?

a. Ronda Ball

b. Michelle Adams

c. Michael O’Brien

d. Kendra Kaiserman

6. On average, how many ads are printed in each issue?

a. 75

b. 100

c. 115

d. 125

7. Which famous figure did not graduate from high school in the North State?

a. Kathleen Kennedy, film producer for movies such as “E.T.” and “Jurassic Park.”

b. Tom Hanks, actor in movies such as “Forrest Gump” and “Cast Away.”

c. Ricky Phillips, bassist for Styx.

d. Megan Rapinoe, midfielder on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team.

8. Which president made an appearance and a speech at Whiskeytown’s dedication ceremony?

a. Ronald Regan

b. Jimmy Carter

c. Lyndon B. Johnson

d. John F. Kennedy

9. How many stories have been printed in Enjoy Magazine, roughly?

a. 500

b. 1,800

c. 2,200

d. 3,000

10. Which issue of Enjoy is your favorite? Why? Post your answer on social media and tag us. Use our hashtag #Happy10thBirthdayEnjoy.


1. C

2. A

3. B

4. A

5. D

6. C

7. B

8. D

9. C


Where are they now?

Maddox Morin, September 2012

Maddox was 2 years old  when he was on our cover and now he’s 6 (almost 7). He goes to Boulder Creek School, is in 2nd grade and loves soccer and math. He now has a little sister, Isabel.