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Presidential Standings

10/26/2016 11:00PM ● By Patrick John

Q97 - Billy and Patrick's Snap Shot

November 2016
By Patrick John

• Many view Anne Royall as the first professional woman journalist in the United States, and she tried dozens of times to interview our sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams. He simply wouldn’t be interviewed by a woman. Adams was rumored to have taken early-morning swims in the Potomac buck naked, so Royall hatched a plan. Not one to take no for an answer, Royall simply showed up one morning and sat down on the pile of Adams’ clothes until he granted the interview.

• Only five presidents have had a beard.  Abraham Lincoln’s was the most famous (and he grew it at the request of an 11-year-old supporter), but Ulysses S. Grant, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison and Rutherford B. Hayes also sported beards. The last beard in the White House was Harrison in 1893, and the last presidential facial hair at all was William Howard Taft’s moustache from 1909-1913.

• The Baby Ruth candy bar was NOT named after baseball’s Babe Ruth. It was actually named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter Ruth, who died at only 12 years old of diphtheria.

• The first telephone in the White House was personally installed for Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877 by Alexander Graham Bell. It hardly ever rang, because the only other telephone around was in the Treasury Department. The White House’s original official phone number was 1.

• James Madison was Princeton University’s first graduate student.

• Millard Fillmore was “Hot for Teacher.” His first wife, Abigail Powers, was his teacher while he was a 19-year-old student in New York.

• Andrew Johnson had been a tailor’s apprentice when young. As president of the United States, he made his own suits!

• Ulysses S. Grant smoked at least 20 cigars a day. He died of throat cancer.

• William McKinley’s good luck charm was the red carnation he always wore. At a public event in 1901, McKinley removed the carnation, gifting it to a young girl. Moments later, an assassin shot him in the abdomen.

• The “S” in Harry S Truman doesn’t stand for anything.

• President George H. W. Bush inspired a new word in Japanese culture. After vomiting on the Japanese prime minister in 1992, the Japanese adopted the slang term “Bushusuru,” meaning to publicly vomit.