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Sweet and Easy Holiday Decor

10/26/2016 11:00AM ● By Kimberly Boney

Home for the Holidays

November 2016
By Kimberly Bonéy

There is nothing  in the world quite like the joy and warmth of a home donning its holiday best. From lights perfectly tracing the eaves of the house to a window aglow with a stunningly beautiful Christmas tree, it’s the tender touches that bring us home with one glance. The effort it takes to deck the house in holiday regalia, however, can be daunting as we run to and fro to keep life moving forward. Sometimes, it’s OK to skip the big to-do in favor of some sweet and easy touches that are sure to give you that old happy feeling. Let us show you how.


Stylish centerpieces 

A collection of apothecary jars in varying shapes, sizes and heights makes a perfect display for holiday candy or colorful glass baubles. 

Place a tall glass vase at the center of a large bowl with a candle of your choice in it. Gather small to medium-sized pinecones and arrange them in the bowl around the glass container along with smaller candles.  

Turn wine glasses upside down and fill the base (technically the part that would otherwise hold the wine) with miniature gilded pinecones or small glass baubles. On the flat surface of each, place a small pillar candle, leaving enough of an edge to properly support the candle for safety.

Holiday tablescapes

Use miniature Christmas stockings to corral each guest’s utensils at their place setting. Stash a chocolate kiss – or a lump of coal – in the bottom of each one for an unexpected element of whimsy. 

Small wooden rounds left over from the fresh cut on your tree (or from a spare log from your kindling) can be used as coasters for your drinking glass or cup of hot cocoa. If the wooden rounds are large enough, use them as chargers under your dinner plates for a sweet accent to your dining experience. 

Hang a Christmas stocking on each chair at your holiday dinner and fill it with a party favor for each guest, like a small box of homemade cookies or a jar of your best cranberry sauce. Bonus points if you glitter-glue each guest’s name on their designated stocking. 

Make a statement

Hang a series of individual glass baubles in a mixture of colors at varying heights in a window or from the ceiling as an interesting backdrop for your Christmas tree. Use fishing wire to create the illusion that each bauble is floating or use a delicate ribbon to add another dimension. Secure each one with a thumb tack. 

Throw pillows in festive holiday colors or with seasonal sentiments are a high-impact, minimal-effort way to infuse the holiday spirit into any room. 

Add a small Christmas tree to an unexpected place in your home. Consider Hot Wheels cars or Barbie dresses for a tree in your child’s room or vintage utensils and cooking gadgets for one in your kitchen. 


On the mantle

Use glass bottles in varying shapes and sizes on the mantle with fresh clippings from your tree as a sweet way to make use of leftover boughs from your tree. Add sprigs of rosemary and gilded twigs for height
and dimension. 

Pick up some large, free-standing letters or stocking holders that spell out your favorite holiday word and place it on your mantle (or buffet) as an easy yet bold display of the spirit of the season. 

Create a garland of Christmas cards using twine and wooden clothespins and hang it above the fireplace, safely away from the open flame. Leave additional room on the twine and add cards as they arrive. 

Outdoor embellishments

Place a vintage sled, a pair of time-worn ice skates or a set of old skis (or all three!) outside your front door to usher in the holiday season with a touch of nostalgia.  

Gather a few pretty poinsettias in galvanized pots and place one pot at each step to line the entryway to your home.   

A fresh pine bough makes the ideal adornment for your mailbox. Secure a sprig of wired faux berries to it for just the right touch of red. 

Appeal to your sense of olfaction

Combine cinnamon sticks, orange halves, a cup of cranberries and a few sprigs of rosemary in a pot and bring it to a simmer. Enjoy the aroma of Christmas as it wafts all through the house. 

Affix cinnamon sticks to the outside of an unscented candle using a short piece of twine. Breathe in the joy of the season. Repeat. 

Replace your regular kitchen and bathroom hand soap with a holiday-inspired scent. Try scents infused with cranberry, orange spice, balsam or evergreen for something subtle enough for even the most discriminating of sniffers.