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Snow Season Begins with the Mount Shasta Ski Swap

10/26/2016 11:00AM ● By Gary VanDeWalker

Get in Gear

November 2016
By Gary VanDeWalker

The cool breeze of November brings a powdered sugar covering of snow over Mount Shasta. Deep oranges and reds in the oak stands below mark the fading fall. The winter sports season is beginning and a hushed excitement fills the air of Northern California.

The ski and boarding season begins with a Saturday event, on November 5, as local snow enthusiasts bring out their recreational equipment to turn each piece into cash or new equipment at the Mount Shasta Ski Swap. The annual event foreshadows the approaching snow-covered slopes of the Mount Shasta Ski Park and the preparation of the Mount Shasta High School Race Team.  

The swap is sponsored by two local stores, Sportsmen’s Den and The Fifth Season. On the day of the swap, they accept used equipment to put up for sale, giving in exchange 100 percent store credit or cash, equal to 80 percent of the equipment sale. The Mount Shasta High School Race Team will sell refreshments and hold a raffle fundraiser during the event. 

The Mount Shasta Ski Park’s offices are already open Monday through Friday, offering season passes. Instructors are preparing for new skiers. The park offers the Shasta Snow Kids package for children 5-8, a Family and Friends package for groups up to four, and individual instruction for both skiers and boarders.

A successful ski and board season begins with preparation. “Talking in person to someone who has knowledge will make your trip a success,” says John Kennedy, owner of Sportsmen’s Den. “Your fun begins with the right equipment and instruction.”

Winter sports start with having the right boots and bindings, and choosing the board or skis which are right for the snow enthusiast. Good outerwear, including a base layer and outer layer along with a helmet and goggles, are essential. A good salesperson will ask you how often you will be out, inquire about your budget, then get you ready to ride with a properly mounted, waxed and toned board or skis. The store will have a vested interest in keeping you involved in the sport, while enjoying it to your maximum potential.

Sportsmen’s Den offers a two-time rental program, allowing you to apply the rental price toward the rented equipment if you choose to buy it. They also have a trade-in program for youth, allowing customers to trade in products toward new goods as the skier or boarder grows. Clothing is also available for rent.

“The internet is not always the best place to purchase ski and board equipment,” Kennedy explains. “Working with a professional will give you the opportunity to find the best fit for your body, skill level and ambitions.”

Beginners should also take advantage of professional instructors. Friends are not always the best teachers. Mount Shasta Ski Park offers options for children, families and individuals to learn, allowing the person to become a safe and competent skier or boarder.

The wonderland of winter covers the northern mountains. The joy of the winter sun, the cool feel of ice crystals as one glides down the volcanic slopes of Mount Shasta are part of living in the northern reaches of California. John Kennedy says, “We want you to love winter sports as much as we do.”

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