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Living the Life in Enterprise

03/21/2017 11:00AM ● By Billy Pilgrim

In Your Neighborhood

April 2017
Story and photo by Billy Pilgrim

Remember when you were a kid and your neighborhood was your number one frame of reference? You were a lot smaller - your life was smaller, too - but the neighborhood just seemed so big. It was your world, your stomping grounds, the place you where you hung out and your home turf. You owned it, and in many ways, it owned you. We have lived in our neighborhood for 29 years.

Redding has 42 designated neighborhoods, like Mary Lake, Stanford Hills, Sunset Terrace and Boulder Creek. Mine is the place known as Enterprise (and sometimes called the oh-oh-two, a reference to the last three numerals in the ZIP code). It’s in southeast Redding. I see it stretching from Mistletoe Avenue south to Churn Creek Bottom, and from Bechelli Lane east to perhaps Airport Road. At least, that’s my vision. Enterprise was not always part of Redding. It was annexed in the 1970s after its residents voted for its inclusion so they could enjoy the less-expensive utility rates the city of Redding provided. To this day, it retains an individual, almost ruggedly independent identity that keeps a good number of residents rooted and loyal to the businesses, schools, parks and the people who live there.

Enterprise has everything you need: Beautiful parks like Clover Creek Preserve and Enterprise Community Park, featuring a soon-to-be-all-new Kids Kingdom, and the Enterprise Community Garden on the banks of Churn Creek. In fact, Churn Creek is one our more prominent geographical identifiers - you can cross it several times as you travel through our neighborhood. Disc golf? Walking trails? Walking neighborhoods? Enterprise has all of that and more. We have wonderful, award-winning schools, with terrific educators and incredible kids. Enterprise High is the anchor, and on Friday nights in the fall, I can hear the roar from the football game two miles away. My three children have graduated from this great school.

We have unique restaurants, and quirky eateries with fun history. Rita’s Kitchen was once In Dog Nito, originally bankrolled by actor Jack Nicholson. And long before Starbucks and Dutch Bros came to town, there was Judy’s Espresso, the very first specialty coffee stand in Redding. It is now the Greek Shack. There are a number of wonderful ethnic restaurants and all within a mile or so from one another - Mexican, Thai, Mongolian, Chinese and Vietnamese. We have a new fusion restaurant, too. People who live on the Westside are always amazed by our food choices.

And one of the coolest things about our side of town is that you never have to leave its boundaries. It is all inclusive and self-sustaining. I think the only thing we might be lacking is our own hospital. But if you venture from the boundaries, you can experience cattle and horses grazing on prime agricultural land just a few minutes away. You would never know that there is a busy, active community up the road. That’s our neighborhood. It’s home and we love living here. We’re happening. We’re Enterprise.