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Teethers are a Mom's Best Friend

04/13/2017 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Getting to know Shalisha Loyd and her teething jewelry.


Why did you decide to start making teething jewelry?

"I am an artist and jewelry maker and made very delicate/fragile jewelry before my second son was born. After he was born I couldn't wear any of my jewelry without it breaking or getting chewed on (which wasn't safe for my little guy). I had seen teething jewelry before but at the time it was pretty plain and not very stylish for the Mamas wearing it. I wanted to create my own line of stylish jewelry so that I could wear cute jewelry again. I found after having a little one and chasing a toddler around, I didn't have much time to dress in cute outfits but what I could do was throw on a fun teething necklace and it just added that little touch to my attire that just made me feel good, not to mention my teething child couldn't keep his hands and teeth off of it. Along with my teething necklaces, I loved baby-wearing as much as I possibly could. I found the teethers and the carrier were the perfect combo for my son to be perfectly content, as I would go grocery shopping or when taking walks around town. Me and little one were both obsessed and couldn't leave the house without our special necklaces. At that point I wanted to spread my enjoyment of the teethers with other Mamas and little ones."


How long have you been making teething jewelry?

"I opened my Etsy shop in December 2014."


What all do you make?

"I make a large assortment of teething necklaces and matching teething bracelets."


How do you make it?

"The beads are specially designed and tested to ensure the highest quality and safety for infants to chew on, made of 100% silicone and are naturally BPA free. The necklaces are carefully designed and hand strung on a strong rat tail cord and secured with a break-away clasp to keep from hurting your neck when child pulls and tugs on the necklace."


What’s been your favorite part about making teething jewelry?

"Seeing the joy of the Mamas and babies that use them."


Where do you sell your products?

"At craft fairs, Enjoy the Store, Sugar Plum Kids, Apple Blossom Baby and"


Do you have a website/Are you on social media?

"You can find me on Etsy:, Facebook: Pax and I Teethers and Instagram: @paxandi."