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“Bee Kind to One Another”

04/27/2017 10:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

“We at Nossorc Nature, are committed to the practice and implementation of conscious living habits to minimize our impact on the environment. By exploring these low carbon footprint concepts (locally grown food, renewable energies, green building techniques, etc.) we discovered that we could share these exciting ideas with our local community by creating the Nossorc Nature Enrichment Center.

Nossorc Nature is excited to develop its 1.4 acre property and 900sf facility into a dynamic space. This development includes a demonstration and educational garden illustrating various farming and conservation techniques. Nossorc is Shasta County Organic Certified. 

At the Center, we look forward to creating a facility where visitors of all ages learn about nature, sustainability, their environment and the importance of conservation.”

One of Nossorc Nature’s focuses is on bees and honey. They make honey sticks, honey bears, a hex jar of honey, a muth jar of honey and candles made from 100% beeswax (votives and tea lites). Enjoy the Store, Redding carries all of these products as well.