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October 2017 — Let's Celebrate

09/25/2017 10:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Editor's Note 

October 2017
On the cover: Grace Walton, Balloons provided by Redding Balloons
Photo by Betsey Walton

THANKFULNESS. That’s a word that generally seems best suited for November and Thanksgiving. But it’s a word that’s perfectly fitting for not just that holiday, but for this year, and really, every year, every day. We have so much to be thankful for, like realizing we’ve been doing this thing for 11 years! And boy has it been a ride... it’s been fun, it’s been hard, it’s been eye-opening and it has been an adventure.

When we started Enjoy, it was with the dual purpose of reminding the North State of all we have to offer and sharing it with the world around us. There is such a beauty to the area we live in, there are amazing things to do here and most importantly, we have incredible people who are doing really big things. 

Sometimes the world around us feels dark and negative. But the beauty of Enjoy is it shines a light into that darkness and reminds people of the good that surrounds them. You can almost feel a “Samwise Gamgee monologue” coming on – “that there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo … and it’s worth fighting for.”

Our communities are fighting to make that light shine brighter. There’s a shift happening, an awakening that’s bringing us together in a new and unexpected way. New plans, new developments, new ideas, all with the focus of bringing a “renaissance” into the hearts of our communities. Bringing hope. We choose to focus on that hope, even when people try to remind us of the negative. Hey, it’s much easier to find the dirt than the gold, but we’ll choose the gold. We are thankful that so many others choose to find the gold as well. That they work tirelessly to bring about positive change.

 That’s what we do at Enjoy. We try to find the gold.  And we are thankful for our advertisers who’ve partnered with us for a lot of the same reasons. Sure, they want to sell their products or services (who doesn’t want to do that to keep their business going?). But by choosing to spend advertising dollars with Enjoy, they’ve joined with us to help spread the good stuff. And that makes them part of this team. 

You, our readers, do the same thing. You help spread the good stuff. You share our stories on social media about all the great things going on in our neck of the woods. You know there are tough things we’re dealing with, but you step in, you step up and you keep spreading the love. The love of your community, the love of positive stories, the love of Enjoy. We are ever so thankful for that.

As we look forward to another year of bringing Enjoy to you, we are excited for the adventures ahead. We are grateful to be able to do what we love. We are thankful for people and businesses who have partnered with a community who chooses to look on “the bright side” and make that our reality.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we do. Thank you for supporting us wholeheartedly. Thank you to a community of dreamers, believers, thinkers, doers, creators and inventors for believing the North State is something beautiful and something to Enjoy.

We are thankful!

Let's Celebrate - October 2017