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10/25/2017 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Stawberry Salad

Who knew eating so good could look so beautiful? A salad worth enjoying!

Bachmans’ Wholesome Catering Company at Grace Place Tea House & Gift Boutique

1448 Pine Street, Redding

(530) 232-5543

Catherine Hunt, Deisgner

Aveda NourIsh-Mint Lip Definer

I love how it smooths and defines lips to keep lip color in place. 

Amarté Salon • Spa

1475 Placer Street, Suite A, Redding

(530) 215-3505

Kimberly Bonéy, Writer

Hexagenia India Pale Ale  

Why Hexagenia? Its a bold IPA which uses 5 different hops... OK, it just tastes good!

Fall River Brewing Taphouse

1030 East Cypress, Suite D 

(530) 605-0230

Jon Lewis, Writer


The summer was so hot that I didn’t get to enjoy my beautiful roses in bloom. After being in Europe for one month, coming home and having this greet us was very enjoyable.

Wyntour Gardens

8026 Airport Road


(530) 365-2256

Lana Granfors, Recipe Writer

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Fall is in the air and this tasty treat is the perfect way to enjoy it.

Cafe at Turtle Bay

844 Arboretum Drive, Redding

(530) 242-3114

Melissa Gulden, Writer