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My Town

Chad Thompson, 

CEO & President Redding Countertops, Inc.

December 2017
Photo by Melinda Hunter

How do I see my town:

Full of beauty…

Having grown up most my life in Redding, I was anxious to move onto “bigger and better” destinations upon graduation from high school...with little desire to ever return. However, after an 18-year adventure with stops in San Luis Obispo, Southern California and Chicago, I found myself at a crossroads in life; continue my career at UPS with a move to Atlanta or hang up my suit and tie and move back to Redding to help continue the legacy of our family business.

Nearly 12 years has since passed and I find myself with zero regrets and a high sense of pride for our community.  It has not only provided a safe, caring and family oriented environment to raise our children, but has also reconnected us with the beauty of Shasta County, which I admittedly took for granted as a child.  This beauty is now fully appreciated and enjoyed by our family with activities such as walking the river trail, hiking one of our many trail systems and backpacking in the mountain ranges that surround us.

Some often say “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”; but I contest, “you don’t fully appreciate what you have till you return.”

Enjoy where you live!