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January 2018 — Refresh

12/22/2017 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Editor's Note 

January 2018
On the cover: Troy and Debra Wood
Photo by Taryn Burkleo

WELLNESS. So many of our New Year’s resolutions revolve around our health and wellness – not just our physical health, but body, mind and soul. Work out more. Eat better. Be present in the moment. Take more time out for myself. Enjoy the little things. 

New Year’s resolutions are great as long as we can remember not to expect perfection within the first month. Baby steps are the way to go, but getting things in focus is key. If we take time to put these things into our regular routine little by little, we’re bound to make more progress than if we were to embark upon a complete overhaul of everything we’ve been doing this past year.

In the spirit of kicking off healthy resolutions, Enjoy is excited to partner once again with the Redding Health Expo and offer an issue filled with articles about well-being, along with advertisers who are ready to help you achieve your health goals. If you were at last year’s Redding Health Expo, you know our community has much to offer in regard to helping you get healthier, and we showcase a bit of that in this issue.

We’ve got information on finding relief with cryotherapy and taking time to de-stress with meditation. How important is it to your health to get up from your desk and get moving each day? Very! These are just a few of the stories covered in this issue, along with the shining success of Limelight Health, based in Redding.

We wish you all the best as you tackle your health resolutions this year. Here’s to a healthy new year!

Refresh — January 2018