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01/25/2018 05:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Mr & Mrs, You & Me

These sweet pillows are a perfect gift for the newlyweds or newly engaged. 

Enjoy the Store

1475 Placer St., 

Suite C&D, Redding

(530) 246-4687,x 4

Kimberly Bonéy

Writer, Jewelry Deisgner

good morning lovely coffee mug

As another crazy deadline hits, 

this mug helps to remind me

 to keep my sanity and to think of 

the many “lovely” things in my life.

Orchard and Twine

940 Hilltop Dr.,
Suite C,  Redding

(530) 395-0120

Michelle Adams, 


Thai Tea ice cream in a waffle bowl

A sweet treat for any sweetheart, this gourmet 

ice cream is so very smooth and tasty, too.

Taste and See Creamery

1419 Market St., Redding

(530) 605-0506

Emily Miranda

Marketing & 

Sales Assistant

Market Street Steakhouse gift card

When the craving for the perfect steak dinner hits, we know where to go.

Market Street Steakhouse

1777 Market St., Redding

(530) 241-1777

Ronda Alvey, Editor-in-Chief


“There’s all sorts of romance in winemaking,” says winemaker Marty Moseley. And the wines from Moseley Family Cellars are perfect for that romantic date night as well. Including dates with your husband.

Moseley Family Cellars

4712 Mountain Lakes Blvd., 

Suite 300, Redding 

(530) 229-WINE (9463)

Yvonne Mazzotta, Co-Publisher

The Enjoy Team

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