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Romantic Locations to Share the Love

01/25/2018 05:00AM ● By Christy Milan

Picturesque Proposal

February 2018
By Christy Milan

“Both light and shadow are the dance of love”- Rumi

To celebrate a budding romance or a romance rekindled, the North State offers a stunning kaleidoscope of color any time of the year. Sunsets of pinks, blues and purples present tranquility. Sunrises consist of yellows, oranges and soft pinks, providing  a stunning glow. Winter snow covers the mountains and trees, glistening in the sunlight and reflecting the sky’s brilliance. Fall announces the cooler air and changes in the leaves to rich yellows, oranges and reds. Spring dots the landscape with bits of colors set against lush greenery. Summer provides warmth in colors as well as temperatures, with earthy tones vibrant in the grasses and fields. 

The night sky introduces one of the most ancient forms of romance. The North State’s low light pollution offers gorgeous views of the skies. After the sun sets, the night provides an enchanted time to inspire romance.

These places offer views with different perspectives but one thing in common – they bring about a romantic awareness that enlightens the spirit and softens the heart.

Sundial Bridge: Enjoy a nighttime stroll on a unique bridge surfaced with transparent glass. It is illuminated from beneath and glows aquamarine at night. The river flows underneath, adding to the ambience. The botanical gardens on the other side of the bridge offer a tranquil place to take in the fresh air. This area is a sure setting for romance.

Shasta Lake: Taking a night drive to Shasta Dam and the Visitor Center gives romance another outlet. The stars cast their light across the lake. The lake waters twinkle below, with Mt. Shasta serving as a chaperone. A wide open grassy space allows views of the starlight. Cuddle up on a blanket and look up with a loved one. The night sky will do its part to ensure an affair of the heart.  

Whiskeytown Lake: The stars sparkle in the night sky as you and your loved one view the lake from the visitor center. The mountains surround you with a Cimmerian shade. The blue water shimmers in the starlight. The viewpoint at the Visitor Center is an excellent opportunity to relish a sweet kiss. 

View 202: A lovely dinner awaits you and your loved one on the scenic patio. Savor your meal while appreciating a view that overlooks the Sacramento River and mountains to the west. The water reflects the sunset as colors stream through the sky. The elegant ambience makes love thrive.   

River Romance Dinner Cruises: Begin the romance with a cruise around the lake in style and comfort. Gaze at the beauty of the aquamarine water while sitting next to your sweetheart. Let your taste buds be tantalized by the dinner offered. Take in the serenity and tranquility of the flowing water. Take delight in creating your love story.

Gaia Hotel & Spa: Looking for more than one night of romance? Let your romantic adventure begin here. Your journey can include dinner, massages and a cozy room. The serenity of the grounds adds to the romance of it all. A stroll over the bridge leads you to many paths that wind around the grounds. The soft light displays itself as your personal nightlight, lending to tender moments. •