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Super Snacks

02/01/2018 09:15PM ● By Emily Miranda
Photos and Story by Emily J. Miranda

The big game is here–Super Bowl LII, the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots!  And nothing says Super Bowl Sunday like savory super snacks to serve to the ultimate super fans!  For those hosting Super Bowl parties, be sure to include snacks that cater to all your guests.  Here's a snack guide for the three types of super fans to expect on the big day:

Nutty Fans

They may have some nutty theories pertaining to the game's outcome, but they aren't afraid to look the fool if it means victory for their team.  Wholeheartedly believing that wearing their favorite jersey, wacky team socks, or sitting in their 'lucky chair' while watching the game will guarantee a win for their team, or at least another touch down.  Their game day superstitions may drive everyone nuts, but if it seems to be working, why not go along with their nutty schemes?  At the very least, serve up a bowl of nuttiness in their honor. 

Try an assortment of these locally grown walnuts, almonds, and pistachios.  A combination of Sohnery Family Foods' Maple Bacon Almonds, Fiddyment Farms' Garlic Onion Pistachios, paired with Bianchi Orchards' Chandler Walnuts, can make the perfect blend of 'sweet and salty' for the nuttiest of fans.
Sohnery Maple Bacon Almonds, Fiddyment Farm's Garlic Onion Pistachios, and Bianchi Orchards' Walnuts

Subtly Sweet Fans

Their team might not have made it to the Super Bowl, but they still have a heart for the game.  Full of compassion and a hint of competitive drive, these are the fans tearing up at every heartfelt commercial while passionately rooting for the underdogs. 

For their hearts of gold, pass around a bag of Shasta Gold Caramel Corn, or for a more subtly sweet snack with a kick, put out some Jalapeno Beer Brittle (peanut brittle handcrafted by Joy Lyn's Candies with Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale).
Shasta Gold Caramel Corn and Joy Lyn's Candies' Jalepeno Beer Brittle

Wild Fans

They're wild about their team and they aren't afraid to show it--sporting their team's jersey, along with an array of fan gear they've collected throughout the years--these fans don't mess around.  Placing bets, wildly cheering and jumping for every field goal, tackle, and touch down their team makes, and growing ever more confident their team will come out the victor, these 'wildlings' are as crazy for their team as they are for their snacks.

Get a little wild and pair a bowl of all natural Wild Rice and Bean Multigrain Chips with Lucero's Roasted Tomato Tapenade spread for an exciting snack for those die hard fans.
Wild Rice Multigrain Chips and Lucero's Roasted Tomato Tapenade

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