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March 2018—The Sky’s the Limit

02/26/2018 05:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Editor's Note 

March 2018

On the cover:  Jordan T. Burkleo (Mitts)
Photo by Taryn Burkleo

IT'S BEEN ONE OF OUR MANTRAS since we took that leap of faith and launched Enjoy Magazine – the sky’s the limit. How true those words have proven to be.

A handful of Shasta High School students are exploring that concept in a very literal sense. These innovative teenagers, guided by nationally acclaimed educator Brian Grigsby, are building a satellite that they’ll soon launch into space. How many students can put “space communication” on their college applications?

You’ll also see stars at the 10th annual Sundial Film Festival. We’ll tell you how some Cottonwood youngsters partnered with peers in Ireland to create a film that they’ve entered in this year’s contest.

Meanwhile, some local entrepreneurs may have you starry-eyed when you sample their handcrafted spirits. We took a tour of some North State distilleries and sampled some fantastic libations from their small-batch operations.

Stretching beyond what we ever thought possible is one of the most rewarding feelings in the human experience – and it’s a daily achievement at Washington Street Productions in Red Bluff. Participants are processing through numerous challenges as they learn not just work experience skills, but the soft skills that the best employees have.

We tend to brag about the mountains, lakes and rivers that contribute to the North State’s beauty, but sometimes we forget to look up. Our open spaces create plenty of ideal spots to admire the celestial scenery, and March is an especially interesting time for the night sky. Full moons, blue moons, planets in alignment – make a date to spend some quality time under the stars.

The sky is indeed the limit – so enjoy!

The Sky's the Limit - March 2018