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02/26/2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine
March 2018

Wired to Eat

This book was written by a wise, witty New York Times bestselling author who graduated from Enterprise High School with me - his words are changing my life. 

Barnes & Noble

1260 Churn Creek Rd.


(530) 222-2006

Kerri Regan

Copy Editor

Buddha Bowl

We know you’re jealous. The 

new Wilda’s just opened up 

right next door and their  

Buddha Bowl makes 

deadline seem much 

less stressful.


1701 California St. 

Suite A, Redding

(530) 246-3502

Michelle Adams



Little Berry Clothing

I’m enjoying the cute toddler 

and baby clothing from Little 

Berry Clothing by Kerri Bren. I love getting them for my nephews. 

She is local to Redding. 

Find Little Berry Clothing 

online at Etsy and 

on Facebook

Sarah Marie Spectrum



JALAPEÑO beer brittle

A tasty treat with a little bit of a kick, this beer brittle by Sierra Nevada is a nice little pick-me-up when the “sleepies” hit in the afternoon.

Enjoy the Store

1475 Placer St., Suite C


(530) 246-4687, x4

Yvonne Mazzotta, Co-Publisher

Northbound Coffee

The owners are awesome, the product is amazing and sticking with the small town mountain theme they care about their employees.

Northbound Coffee Roasters

409 Berry St., Mount Shasta

(530) 926-3442

Taryn Burkleo, Photographer

Have a recommendation for something you think we’d enjoy? Drop us a note ([email protected]) and let us know about it... maybe you’ll see it featured here in an upcoming issue!

The Enjoy Team