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My Town

02/26/2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Christine Haggard, 

Community Organizer, 

Shasta County Health & Human, 

Services Agency

March 2018
Photo by Melinda Hunter

How do I see my town:

A Small town with a community feel…

      As a lifelong Anderson resident, I am proud to say I have raised my children in this wonderful community and my grandchildren live here with my great-grandchildren, who are fourth-generation residents. 

   I feel fortunate to live, work and play in this awesome community. I especially love the small-town feel, and value all that there is to do here in Anderson and the surrounding region. 

   Family is a priority to me and the opportunities we have here are fabulous. I have family members who have created a thriving business. The community’s support for local business makes this happen. We also have many opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. Anderson River Park provides for us a variety of resources, such as river access and walking, biking and equestrian trails. There are also places at the park for families, friends and groups to gather, play and enjoy entertainment. What is there not to love about this regional treasure? 

   Another thing I love about living here is the way the community comes together to make Anderson all that it can be. A collaborative spirit encourages people to pull together to find solutions and overcome challenges to create a safe place. Anderson values family, has economic sustainability and is building on its assets. It is truly a place where the residents care about each other. Together we celebrate Anderson. We look forward to the future – innovating while remembering our roots and nurturing a small-town feel.

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