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Coast Guard Volunteers

04/24/2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

On Guard

May 2018
By Emily Miranda

THE COAST GUARD Auxiliary Division 3 is the uniformed civilian volunteer arm of the United States Coast Guard. Their four flotillas span the greater Sacramento region and include the Sacramento River, Sacramento Delta, Lake Folsom and other areas as assigned. More than 200 members from this division volunteer their time to support the Coast Guard and the recreational boating public. These volunteers furnish and maintain their own equipment and are able to participate at a level tailored to their individual capabilities, while providing direct operational administrative support to local Coast Guard units. They patrol on land, water and in the air.

Congress established the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary in 1939 to assist the Coast Guard in encouraging boating safety. The Auxiliary still provides boating and safety classes for youth and adults, and they examine recreational vessels for safety equipment to ensure that all will be safe on the waterways. The Auxiliary is trained in seamanship and related skills, while further training the public on all aspects of boating. Volunteers assist in Search and Rescue operations, stand radio watch at the Coast Guard Station, work in the recruiting office and work with the Marine safety office on pollution issues.

You can wear the Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform by becoming part of Team Coast Guard. People qualify through training and participate in outings, training sessions, patrols, courtesy Marine examinations, classes and conferences. For details on how to join and become a member, go to •