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04/24/2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Chellie Mitchell,

General Manager & On-Air Radio Personality at Mix 101.1

May 2018
Photo by Melinda Hunter



It was 1997 when I packed up and left Portland, Ore., to move to Shasta County. I was a new mom, concerned about raising my child in a big city full of crime and bad influences, so Redding seemed tremendously appealing. I was right! The schools here are fantastic, our local parks and recreation areas create so many fun things to do and this beautiful place provides so many outdoor opportunities for families to spend time together and make memories. For raising a family, I could not have found better.

But what really makes Shasta County amazing is the sense of family. In 2014, when my son Tristan and his girlfriend Darian died in a tragic accident, this community rallied behind our families. Facebook “friends” I had never met in person showed up with casseroles and bags filled with personal items, local companies donated food and coffee, hotel accommodations were donated to help to facilitate family during the funeral – it was a massive and remarkable spectacle of love and compassion toward my family. And I’m not alone. Ask any other family in this community who have been recipients of that sort of compassion after they have experienced tragedy and they will tell you that this community takes care of its own. But then, hey…we’re Shasta County. It’s what we do.

Change is inevitable. The world around us continues to move and change and we have to do the same in our own small town. But with the sense of community, the commitment from our leaders to make Redding and our surrounding areas safer while expanding our arts programs, outdoor recreational activities and educational opportunities, Redding continues to strive toward excellence. Now, that’s something to be proud of!