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Secret Witness of Shasta County

05/25/2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Call It In

June 2018
By Emily J. Miranda

HAVE YOU EVER had a piece of information that ended up being far more important than you originally thought?  Or is there something you witnessed that felt out of place, or sent off an intuitive siren within your very bones, but you just weren’t certain of what to do?  People see and hear things every day, and sometimes witnessing or overhearing something you wish you hadn’t can become a vital asset to the safety of your community.  The Secret Witness of Shasta County, Inc. was founded for this very purpose: to create a program to help law enforcement solve and/or prevent crimes through tips submitted by the public. This private nonprofit organization is dedicated to solving crimes and improving public safety.  Secret Witness of Shasta County aids law enforcement in the prevention of crime, arresting and prosecuting suspects.  They do this by generating information from concerned citizens, information that may not otherwise be available or known to the general public.  The identities of these citizens remain protected and anonymous; some are given a reward for their information. 

Secret Witness of Shasta County keeps an updated list of rewards and cases on their website for anyone with information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the suspects.  To submit a tip, fill out the online form at, or call Secret Witness’ 24 hour unrecorded tip line at (530) 243-2319.   •

To donate to the organization, you can mail a check to PO Box 493204, Redding, CA 96049.

For business communications, send an email to [email protected]