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05/25/2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Canon T6

I’m always checking out the latest deals and this two-lens package with a bag for $449 would be great... 

hint, hint kids!

Crown Camera

1365 Market St., Redding

(530) 243-8333

James Mazzotta

Enjoy the Store Director, 

Enjoy Photographer

Chicken burrito

Hands down, I think these are 

the best burritos in the country! Gotta have my burrito fix.

Burrito Bandito 

Original location:

8938 Airport Rd., Redding

(530) 222-6640

Michael O’Brien

Sales Representative

Brannen Gourmet BBQ Sauces

These amazing sauces are great for grilling meats and vegetables. Your food comes out sweet and spicy, not bitter.

Enjoy the Store

1475 Placer St., Suite C


(530) 246-4687, x4

Michelle Adams


Cedar Crest Craft Brew

I love Red Bluff and love this little gem. Great way 

to start the weekend.

Inside Enjoy the Store 

615 Main St., Red Bluff 

(530) 727-9016

Kevin Gates,

Sales Representative

Hula StickZ by Z-Man

Want to drive those bass nuts? Try a Hula StickZ in the California Craw color. 

Sportsman’s Warehouse

1659 Hilltop Dr., Redding

(530) 222-5500

Jon Lewis, Writer

Have a recommendation for something you think we’d enjoy? Drop us a note ([email protected]) and let us know about it... maybe you’ll see it featured here in an upcoming issue!