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Redding’s Major 7th Band

05/25/2018 11:00AM ● By Christy Milan

Note-able Musicians

June 2018
By Christy Milan 

THE DRUMS, SAX, PIANO, guitar and bass all come together in a melody filling the room with a rhythmic ambience. The crowd moves to the beat with smiles on their faces and toes tapping. The band continues to play to the crowd and the evening fades into another great performance by members of the Major 7th band.

The Redding band is comprised of several young members. Jacob Akana, Emily Stolz, Rob Trent, Caden Potter and Daniel V. Lindberg come together to play genres including rock, alternative, jazz, blues, acoustic and many others. The band has been together since February 2016 and is currently working on its first CD. They draw their influence from a wide variety of performers, including Doc Watson, Johnny Cash, Dizzy Gillespie, Journey, Jason Mraz and Twenty One Pilots.

Akana plays guitar, sings and composes for the band.  At age 19, Akana attends Shasta College full-time while working at the Tractor Supply Company. When he has free time, he enjoys hiking, biking, composing and programming. He also offers guitar, ukulele and fiddle lessons in the Redding area.

Stolz plays sax, flute, oboe, ukulele and sings for the band. Stolz is also a member of the Shasta College Knight Jazz Band and the Shasta Symphonic Orchestra. The full-time music major works at Home Depot and teaches oboe lessons and manages her landscape business on the weekends. Stolz, 19, aspires to join the Army band and travel the world doing what she loves.

Trent plays drums for Major 7th and is a junior at Shasta High School. He is involved with the Alpine race team and loves outdoor activities like mountain biking, skiing and riding quads.

Potter is the youngest member of the band at age 16. He plays piano and sax and is a freshman at Shasta High School. He plays classical     and jazz piano locally and has decided to proceed in other ventures after the band’s May performance at The State of Downtown and release of the band’s debut album.  

Lindberg, age 25, recently joined the band and brings with him his bass, mandolin, piano and singing talents. Lindberg also enjoys writing music and making spray paint art. 

As the band continues to prosper, Akana says, “Although we know when to be serious and when to joke around, having a loose atmosphere when we rehearse and perform is one of the reasons everyone in Major 7th is compatible both musically and socially. One of our favorite pastimes as a band is just jamming on our favorite songs for hours.”

He’s grateful for support from the community. “We’ve had a lot of help from different community members, and they’re one of the big reasons we’re able to perform downtown and aren’t just a garage band.”

A summer concert series featuring Major 7th and other local bands will be announced soon along with times and locations. •

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