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Small Ways to Show Big Love to Dad

05/25/2018 11:00AM ● By Kimberly Boney

Honor Thy Father

June 2018
By Kimberly Bonéy

FINDING THE PERFECT WAY to honor Daddy Dearest on Father’s Day has proven a daunting task for many an adult child.  We’ve all drifted aimlessly down store aisles, hoping an idea worthy enough will emerge. But what gift is fitting for the superhero with the invisible cape, the strongest man you’ve ever met, the man who says so much with so few words? The truth is, it doesn’t take much to show Dad how grateful you are for him. Look past the tangibles to the small, sweet ways to show Dad you love him to the moon and back every day of the year.


Tell Him You Appreciate Him 

Dad likely doesn’t need much by way of words, but a genuine “thanks, Dad” or “I’m grateful for you, Pop” goes a long way to win his heart. If words aren’t your thing, a hug or smile that says “I’m so glad you’re my dad” without uttering a word is the strongest, most undeniable expression of love.

“My dad is always grateful for gifts, but a hug is an unusually powerful way to show him how much I care.” – Emily Miranda, Marketing and Sales Assistant


Ask Him About His Family History

Sometimes we are so busy getting through the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to ask the questions that help us get to know our loved ones better. Taking the time to ask Dad about his family, his childhood and the life experiences that have shaped him is sure to leave him feeling loved and valued. There will be joy in watching Dad share those old family stories, but the fringe benefit is that you’ll likely learn about yourself in the process. And if you know where you have come from, it makes it so much easier to know where you are going.

 “Whenever I’d engage my dad in a conversation about our family or his childhood, he would just pour. It was always a special moment we shared together.”

– Ronda Alvey, Editor-in-Chief


Ask For His Help

No matter how self-sufficient his kids have become, there is something endearing about knowing his kids still need him, in some small way. Ask him to help you complete a weekend project, for pro-tips in a realm he’s proficient in, or for his sage advice on an issue you’ve been struggling with. Dad will always show up for you, no matter how old you are. He’ll be honored that you still believe he’s got a talent he can share with you. 

“My dad’s happy place  is in the kitchen, making a delicious meal for his family. When I ask my dad to make one of his signature dishes, I can see the love in his smile and taste it in the food.”                 

– Kimberly Bonéy,  Writer & Sales Associate


Celebrate the Special Moments With Him

Whether it’s his birthday, a holiday, a doctor’s appointment or a random Wednesday afternoon, take the time to show up when it counts. Having his children present for the big and little moments is something no father takes for granted. And isn’t it nice to return the favor for all those times he’s shown up for you?

“I always  make a special trip  to visit my dad on his birthday. It’s his favorite  day of the year and there is nothing I love more than being there to celebrate it with him.”

– Yvonne Mazzotta, Publisher


Give Him Space and Opportunity to Pass Along His Wisdom

When all is said and done, Dad still knows best. Gather the kids around and set up a game of trivia, with Dad as the main event. It’ll give him a chance to share some of the tidbits he’s learned along the way in a light-hearted way. If he’s not here to share that wisdom himself, do it in his stead.

“I honor my father by passing along the wisdom I learned from him to my kids – mostly in the form of sound bites. I let them know that each bit of wisdom came from my dad. I’m sure that as my kids pass along the same wisdom to their kids, they will attribute it to me - and that’s the circle of life. ”

–Michael O’Brien, Sales Manager


Do Something For Him

 Is there something Dad has been meaning to do for himself that he hasn’t had time to do? Take care of it for him. It’ll show him you are attuned to his needs and that you are willing to go the extra mile for him.       

“Acts of service Were Some of the ways I showed my dad how much I cared. I always liked doing things for him that he wouldn’t do for himself.”

– James Mazzotta, Store Director


Take Him On An Adventure

Whether it’s a day of fishing on the lake, a bucket-list-worthy vacation or a trip down memory lane, give him some good, old fashioned quality time. The gift of unfettered conversation and laughter shared between a father and child is unparalleled.

“My dad and I took a trip to his hometown to commemorate his 80th birthday. We visited his old church and his childhood home. I took pictures along the way and made him a photo collage. That totally did it for him.”

– Kevin Gates,

Advertising Sales Representative


Treasure Every Moment With Him

Whether it’s challenging him to a game of hoops, taking a leisurely walk or sharing a meal together, realize that your company is the gift he appreciates most of all. Put down your phone and use the time to genuinely connect with him.  

“My father figure, my Uncle Dan, is an example of strength, kindness and willingness to sacrifice every part of himself for those he loves. The way I honor him most is by sharing time with him – enjoying his stories, fabulous sense of humor and unsurpassed culinary skills. Every moment we get with him is a blessing. Truthfully, being with him is an honor to me.”

–Autumn Dickson,

Advertising Sales Representative  


Live By His Loving Example

A father wants nothing more than to know he’s raised a good human being. Make Dad proud by living your best life and being kind to your loved ones and perfect strangers alike. Leading by positive example is one poignant way to show Dad you’ve been paying attention.

“My father taught his children not to brag or speak about our actions in trying to elevate our position amongst our peers – that the people around us can see for themselves who and what we are. ‘Be quiet, do your best and let our actions speak louder than our words.’ I have passed that on to our children as well. Humility is breathtaking and admirable.”

 - Ben Adams, Deliveries


“My dad was, and is, always there for me no matter what I need. He leads by example and shows that he’s always willing to help out, whenever or whatever. I try to make sure I’m always there for my family in the same way. What a great trait to be able to pass on to my own daughter. 

- Michelle Adams, Publisher