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The Can Do Spirit Helps to Remove Daily Hardships

06/25/2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Newfound Freedom

July 2018
By Emily J. Miranda

AFTER DAILY BATTLES to restore his mobility and independence due to a horrific accident in which his lower body was paralyzed, Tim Webb gained an amplified understanding of the difficulties faced by survivors of catastrophic events. This is what birthed the Can Do Spirit, a nonprofit organization that he co-founded with Rose Galen to help others through the struggle of learning how to live in their “new normal.” Despite the heartache, financial depletion and continued hurdles Webb and Galen had to endure, their passion and commitment drove them onward toward their goal to make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. 

Today, the Can Do Spirit in Redding serves veterans and their caregivers and families by providing programs that help remove daily hardships and barriers. The organization’s goal is to foster independence back into the lives of those returning home after a life-changing accident.  The organization is connected with other area nonprofits and volunteers who have a heart for helping veterans. Such unique partnerships with businesses and volunteers are what keep the Can Do Spirit an active piece of the community. 

To support the Can Do Spirit, you can get involved through their Partnership Program or donate money, supplies or even real estate. In the past, gifting real estate has allowed the nonprofit to acquire overlooked properties, flip them to raise the value and increase the benefit from the donation while improving the surrounding community. To learn more, go to or email [email protected]