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Shanna McCracken's Oncology Esthetics

09/25/2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Be Beautiful You

October 2018
By Emily J. Miranda
Photos by Kara Stewart

“WHO SAYS you can’t be beautiful when you’re fighting cancer?” says Shanna McCracken, a Redding native and owner of Beyond Beauty Esthetics and More. “Oncologists are helping patients fight for their lives,” she continues. “I learned that they needed someone else to help them take care of the side effects, help them look good, and boost that all-important positive attitude.” 

That is why McCracken created Beyond Beauty Esthetics and More, to provide a welcoming and safe place where women battling cancer can receive customized beauty services. Having been a Shasta County business owner for more than 25 years, McCracken started Beyond Beauty Esthetics and More in 2015, relying on her knowledge and training to deliver safe, effective services with a gentle touch.

“Beyond Beauty Esthetics and More is beauty simplified,” explains McCracken. “It has to be when you’re undergoing cancer treatment.” 

Several women under treatment were being turned away from traditional spas due to skin and nail care providers lacking the proper training to service cancer patients. That drove McCracken to provide an alternative place where these women could go. “I wanted to be of service and educate people on how they could safely manage skin, hair and nail issues that manifest during cancer treatment,” she says. 

Four years ago, McCracken chose to make a significant career change, having been inspired by a magazine article about oncology patients suffering from the side effects of treatment. Feeling passionate about helping these patients, McCracken decided to train in esthetics, with oncology as her core focus. She soon received her California Manicurist License, and with it began her mission. “Now, I’m equipped with knowledge, skill and my compassionate nature to make a difference for women struggling through treatment.” 

After taking part in a retreat in Oregon, where she gave facials to women experiencing terminal cancer, McCracken was encouraged to offer more in her 

own hometown. “On the drive home I decided to invite local women fighting cancer to my first Creating
Joy Retreat Weekend,” she says. “These weekend retreats give women time to relax, renew, form friendships and forget about what their cancer treatment may have left behind.” 

Further inspired by the women she works with, McCracken plans to launch and expand her Beautiful You instruction workshops to better educate cancer patients on gentle care, safe products and ongoing self-care. 

Not only has McCracken been able to incorporate inspiriting retreats into her business, but also better beauty alternatives for waxing and pedicures. “I am so focused on sharing the oncology side of my business, that I don’t want to overlook the other services I offer,” she adds, explaining how, as a licensed manicurist, she specializes in wellness pedicures, servicing health-challenged clients that may struggle with lymphedema, neuropathy, diabetes and sensitive feet. 

“I also offer sugaring. Sugaring is the new waxing,” McCracken says with a smile. “Sugaring is more sanitary. It is all natural, no chance of burning the client and removes hair at the root.” 

She is also seeking ways to enhance the services dermatologists, podiatrists and elder care facilities provide by bringing specialized skin care support and foot wellness services to their clientele.

Striving to be a better oncology-trained esthetician for her clients, McCracken keeps current with new information and educates clients about self-care and how it can help with cancer survivorship. “I know I’m not just offering product knowledge, customized facials or wellness pedicures,” McCracken says, then pauses. “I’m helping to put smiles back on women’s faces.” •

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