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Perusing Used Book Stores in the North State

10/24/2018 09:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Finding Your Binding

November 2018
Article by Emily Miranda
Photos by Sarah Marie Spectrum

THERE'S AN ANTICIPATION brought on from entering a secondhand bookstore.  You never know what to expect. Suspense? Romance? Adventure?

An enticing comfort lives within these walls of literature, hushed but present. Your senses awaken as you pass through seemingly endless rows of books. Excitement is found in the spellbinding decay of an old but beautifully etched binding, in the lull of slipping a book from its shelf to nestle in your palm, as nostalgia leaps within you at the sight of a book once forgotten. 

Eyes brighten as though you’ve recovered a long lost treasure of old. The scent of times past is released as you gently thumb through its chapters, for not only does this book contain a story, but sweet memories that dance about with each turn of the page. Here, amidst the shelves of novels, fairytales and fiction, you are in the company of old friends.

Used bookstores offer a unique experience – the promise of a treasure waiting to be unburied, waiting to be opened and set free. These establishments are not retirement homes for books, but rather places of new beginning, where books are rediscovered. Bibliophiles can search for long-lost titles and childhood favorites, and parents can bring their children and open their world to the “secret” society of
book lovers. Abandoned books are given new homes, purchased by owners who cherish the minor bends and gentle scuffing on their corners, the yellowed pages and handwritten dedications inked within their covers. Such history adds a romantic mystery. 

And like the life of such books, you too may find yourself in need of revival, stuck in an unambitious rut and in want of inspiration or growth. So, go. Search. Find that story that invokes adventure, that mystery that provokes your thoughts, that biography that inspires and motivates you. A bookstore may be just what you need – just the place to rouse your soul out of slumber, to find a treasure that just might change your life. To start your journey, here are some enticing secondhand bookstores that are worth exploring:

Cal’s Books • 5242 Westside Road, Redding

Cal’s Books is a bibliophile’s dream. You’ll be in awe of the vast selection of books stacked from floor to ceiling; it’s quite the adventure, a maze of wondrous shelves stuffed with collections of every book ever written (or so it seems). 

Lisa’s Book Nook • 4030 Railroad Ave., Redding

An eclectic setup, Lisa’s Book Nook doesn’t just offer a brilliant selection of books, but also handmade treasures and unique gifts.

Zephyr Books & Coffee • 328 W. Miner St., Yreka

Zephyr Books & Coffee provides the avid reader with more than just books – it provides an environment. Here you can settle down and enjoy your newfound treasure over a cup of coffee.

The Bookstore • 118 Main St., Chico

There is plenty to explore at The Bookstore. The wide windows give the store an open, natural light that adds to the spacious layout, making it easy to find your way around.

Tammie’s Books • 106 Main St., Weaverville 

Tammie’s inventory proclaims a proud 50,000 new and used books. The environment is great for children and its cozy vibe provides the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon. 

The Bookworm • 2310 Montgomery St., Oroville

An Oroville landmark for over 20 years, The Bookworm is a hidden jewel. This quaint little bookstore is clean and organized, with shelves that reach the ceiling.

Book Barn • 619 Oak St., Red Bluff 

Larger than it looks from the outside, Book Barn holds an incredible selection of books of all varieties, a wonderful place for readers of
all ages.

B & B Booksellers • 278 Main St., Chester 

B & B Booksellers is a gift shop, copy service center – even home to a small art gallery – as well as being a fun bookstore.

Caption Comics • 2120 Hilltop Drive, Redding 

Caption Comics caters to – you guessed it – comic book fans. Browse the rows for your favorite superhero collections and collectibles.

Collector’s Choice • 1714 Churn Creek Road, Redding 

It’s not just a comic book store; Collector’s Choice offers sports gear, music and more. It’s a great place to find a treasure for yourself or someone you love. •