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My Town - Katie Quinn

11/23/2018 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Katie Quinn, Lewiston Community Supporter and Project Promoter

December 2018
Photo by Melinda Hunter

How Do I See My Town: A Nature Park

I remember when my husband Mel and I first drove down Goose Ranch Road in Lewiston and we felt like we were truly in “the sticks.” Now, 24 years later, we can’t believe how fortunate we are to be living here. We’re even more fortunate having survived the Carr Fire back in July and August of this year. Lewiston was spared the utter devastation that other communities had, and it made me appreciate even more where I live.

Why do I love living here? Well, for almost one-third of my life, it has been such a diverse place with so many choices of how to spend a day. It already had the grand vistas of the Trinity Alps, the array of wildlife, with bears, cougar, wild turkeys, otters, beaver and of course our own family of deer (five generations now). And, we were blessed enough to get a home on the banks of the Trinity River. Within a few minutes, we can be hiking a trail, rafting down the river or just admiring the eagles flying overhead above Lewiston Lake. It’s a real nature park, practically in our own backyard. 

We also started some groups to help the community. One is the Lewiston De-Litter Bugs, a litter pick-up group that’s still going strong after 17 years. Another is the Lewiston Sparkies, a fundraising nonprofit to help the Lewiston Fire Department. After 14 years of fundraising, we completed our main goal of building a new fire station for Lewiston in June – a month before the Carr Fire. We have so many wonderful friends and supporters who have helped these projects all along the way, and they are the main reason Lewiston is such a great place to live. Our community always steps up to help when they need to.  It really is a joy to live where people care about each other and their community and actually make a difference to their town. I am fortunate to call Lewiston “my town.”