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Mt. Shasta Nordic Ski Organization

12/28/2018 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Winter Fresh

January 2019
By Emily Miranda

IN 2006, members of the Mt. Shasta area Nordic community, who wished to preserve and enhance the Nordic skiing infrastructure in Northern California, formed the Mt. Shasta Nordic Ski Organization. Today, the group’s goal is to ensure access and opportunities to all Nordic skiers by creating a welcoming community of passionate cross-country skiers.  Not only are experienced skiers welcome, but so is anyone willing to learn Nordic skiing. The organization intends to benefit upcoming generations by creating opportunities to enhance and preserve Nordic skiing for all ages and abilities. To accomplish this, the nonprofit facilitates educational programs, competitive events, and participation in Nordic skiing as a fun, beneficial, physical activity. 

The organization strives to encourage and support community health by inspiring an active winter activity beneficial to both mental and physical health, while also responding to the wishes and needs of the community for environmental responsibility, fiscal prudence and operational sustainability. They provide well-groomed trails, a full-service facility, quality instruction and equipment.    

Mt. Shasta Nordic Ski Organization has maintained a solid foundation that enables its additional programs to flourish, while ensuring efficient operations of their Nordic Center and general upkeep. Another goal is to build and grow a self-sustaining youth development and junior race program in
the future.

For more information or ways to volunteer, contact [email protected] or call (530) 925-3495 during open hours (9am – 4pm Thursday through Sunday).  •

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