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Plan A Wedding That Works For You

01/23/2019 11:00AM ● By Kimberly Boney

Just the Right Size

February 2019
By Kimberly Bonéy

AH, the ever-hard-to-dial-in guest list. It is, perhaps, the most difficult part of planning a wedding – not only because it’s necessary to have a budget that accommodates everyone on your invite list, but because of the potential fallout that comes if certain people fail to make the cut. Once you have your list of must-be-there people in place, you can go about planning that dream-worthy wedding. We won’t lie – the process is daunting and could become a bone of contention for family members who have specific people they want to invite. Laying down some ground rules before the guest list is formalized will be the key to keeping everyone happy. When all is said and done, this is your wedding to plan as you see fit. Let us help you determine the best size for your wedding.  

The Sweet Petite (2 – 50 people): If you tend to keep your circle small, aren’t a fan of huge volumes of people, or if this isn’t your first time down the aisle, you may find this option the best one for you. The sweetest thing about keeping your wedding on the smaller side is that mathematically, you’ll have more time with each of your guests – and your honey. It’s no wonder that the 2019 wedding season will be known for its distinctly smaller guest lists.   

A small wedding can help to keep the budget in check, particularly if caterers are charging by the plate. It’s an ideal size for those with limited time to plan the wedding or those with their hearts set on a destination wedding to some enchanted locale. The more obscure the location, the less likely that you’ll have a huge entourage behind you as you tie the knot. 

If you are from a huge family or if your parents are footing the bill and want to have some say-so in the guest list, The Sweet Petite likely isn’t the option for you.  

The Happy Medium (51 – 150 people): It’s incredible how quickly a wedding can go from being “small and intimate” to having 100 of your closest friends surrounding you with love. When you consider all of the different circles of people you have in your life (your family, your childhood friends, your college crew, your coworkers and friends of your parents), the list can grow exponentially in a matter of moments. If you find that the small wedding just won’t work given the sheer number of invitees, consider a middle-of-the-road sized wedding. 

You’ll still have time to connect with everyone in attendance and it’ll still feel like a party. The Happy Medium will require a slightly higher budget to cover the expense of food, drinks and seating, but proper planning and buffet style food (as opposed to individual plates) can make it so you still keep some money in the bank for a killer honeymoon and a down payment on a love nest. 

If you get anxious at the thought of a crowd bigger than 50 people, this isn’t your jam.   

The Whole Shebang (more than 150 guests): Listen. If you and your first cousins are as close as any siblings could be, if you’ve ever been called a social butterfly, or if you think of your coworkers as family, this is likely the only option that will suffice for you. You need the option to invite all of your loved ones from every walk of life – and you wouldn’t have it any other way. A big, love-filled party is just what you need – complete with laughter, dancing, hugs, hearty plates and full hearts. 

This is ideal for those who have never been married before, for young couples who love a good shindig, and those with a bit more in the budget to spare. Not to say that this can’t be done in a fiscally responsible way, but with more guests comes the incremental costs associated with keeping them fed, hydrated and happy. Don’t worry if you don’t have thousands upon thousands to spend on your wedding. With all that family, there may be a few aunts, uncles or cousins who would eagerly help with the food preparations and anything else you may need to make your wedding day a joyful experience. 

This isn’t an ideal size for a destination wedding or if you are set on spending time with each of your guests individually. But, if the thought of having to turn away any of your loved ones from your guest list makes your heart ache, The Whole Shebang is the only way to go. •