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Tehama County’s 2 Mandis on a Mission Spreading Good Cheer

01/23/2019 11:00AM ● By Melissa Mendonca

Sharing the Love

February 2019
Story by Melissa Mendonca 
Photos by Jen Peterson

IT WAS MORE THAN a shared name that forged the friendship and eventual business endeavor between Red Bluff residents Mandi Selvester-Owens and Amanda Jenkins, founders of 2 Mandis on a Mission. “We both love our community and we’re both very involved. We just kept running into each other,” says Selvester-Owens, 43, of how the two met. “Amanda started the 20/30 Club and I’m a Rotarian and a Cattlewoman and we just kept seeing each other.”

Selvester-Owens was usually the quiet presence while out and about, often behind a camera filming for her business MNS Web Designs. Jenkins, 32, was the more gregarious, immediately becoming a Chamber Ambassador upon her move from Redding five years ago and founding the 20/30 Club of Red Bluff not long after.

While Selvester-Owens was working in a world of precise, scripted video production, she was also taking note of the trends in live video production found on places like Facebook. Noting Jenkins’ bubbly nature, she invited her to participate in a Facebook Live video.  The two had so much fun they began producing videos for Tehama County businesses under the moniker 2 Mandis on a Mission.

“We’re both very involved in the Chamber,” says Jenkins. “We thought it would be a really fun way to promote local businesses. I love on-camera personality work.”

“Being on camera is very new to me,” Selvester-Owens says, “But I got a degree in public relations and design at Chico State.”

The combined talents of 2 Mandis on a Mission are bringing awareness through live video production that take the two Mandis behind the scenes and into some hilarious situations.

The first 2 Mandis experience was a Facebook Live event at the Coffee Cafe in Los Molinos, where the two went out in their pajamas to film getting coffee. “Definitely you could tell it was our first video,” Jenkins says with a laugh. “We learned a lot of lessons out there. We probably should have had them make our coffees before we started. There was a lot of lull.”

There was also a lot of joy. People started to take note of the fun the two were having. “We do it Dirty Jobs style,” says Selvester-Owens.

“We want to be doing something at a person’s business that the average person can’t walk in and do, to give them a behind-the-scenes look,” adds Jenkins.

This has meant donning protective suits at Jefferson Bee Company to learn how honey is produced and creating decorative Thanksgiving centerpieces at Tehama Floral. “I got my eyebrows waxed live,” Selvester-Owens says, indicating the increased risks the duo take for film. While doing a series of live video at the Tehama District Fair last year, the two were invited into the ring for cage fights and ended up doing a one-minute bout with the fighters.

“We were just going to set it up but then Amanda went a little crazy,” Selvester-Owens says. “The adrenaline got to her.”  Notes Jenkins conspiratorially, “I really had to talk Mandi into it.”

The pair also learned how to change a 1,000-pound tire during Monster Trucks. “We’re trying to be entertaining, to be honest, to have information out there,” she adds.

The two Mandis are driven by a love of Tehama County, which for Selvester-Owens goes back decades. “I’m fifth-generation Tehama County,” she says. While she moved away for a while, “We moved back when I was eight months pregnant because we wanted to raise our kids around family.” Jenkins is a relative newcomer, and she jumped into her new life in Red Bluff with aplomb, running successfully for City Council and supporting the county’s Economic Development Program through contract work. She also loves to do radio work and emcee local events, such as parades and singing competitions.

Their support of local entrepreneurs has even brought national attention, as when a video they produced for local stock contractors Bridwell Pro Rodeo was shared on the Wrangler Network and received more than 6,500 views.

The fun, enthusiasm and reception of 2 Mandis on a Mission is spurring the pair onto bigger development goals, with plans to cut a wider swath through the North State. While their passion for Tehama County and video production is palpable, it’s too big to be contained within county lines. •

Find them on Facebook: 2 Mandis on a Mission