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My Town - Kara Stewart

01/23/2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Kara stewart, photographer

February 2019
Photo by Melinda Hunter

How do I see my town: Beautiful and Compassionate 

My town holds you in the center of itself with beauty on every side. Beauty as buds burst forth in spring, beckoning wonder.  Beauty in the farms on the side of the highway, livestock grazing on hills, tucked behind white-lined fences.  Beauty in the face on the opposite side of the road as you wave in familiar passing.  You know each other, though you’ve likely never met.

Geographically, my town is stunning.  Surrounded by lakes, rivers, and streams.  Rolling fields with large sprawling oaks that vary from vibrant green to warm washed wheat as spring gives way to summer.  Great pine-filled forests, and a 360-degree view of snow-capped mountains in fall and winter – the views in each direction are my favorite.  When I’m away, I miss it.  In a simple drive to school I am met with scurrying wildlife, melting colorful sunrises, gorgeous fog, and the occasional thunderhead clouds.  I am constantly filled with gratitude that I get to live here. 

My town is a safe-haven.  It’s the place I’m honored to raise my children in.  It has a small-town feel, with big-town dreams.  I appreciate the friendly banter at the grocery store, the compassion felt in a question asked.  I appreciate how few stop lights and intersections we have.  What we lack in traffic, we make up for in camaraderie.  We do well in triumph and trial.   My town is generous, thoughtful and kind. 

As a photographer, my town has been my playground.  Growing up off the grid, I found a passion for chasing sunsets at an early age.  I primarily shot nature those first few years.  Then I learned that something on the inside of a person could be captured on the outside, in an image.  From Old Shasta to Lassen Park and all the city streets in between, you can find me here, laughing my fool head off, attempting to capture the beauty and compassion in my clients that become friends.