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My Town - Kathleen Stephens

03/28/2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Kathleen Stephens, Red Bluff Administrative and Marketing Assistant

April 2019
Photo by M.C Hunter Photography

How do I see my town: Extraordinary 

Born and primarily raised in my hometown the majority of my life has allowed me to experience the evolution of this community through the eyes of a child, young adult and now as an adult with children of my own. 

As a child, I spent the days and nights catching crawdads in the creek by my house, rollerblading with my closest friends and jumping on trampolines and swimming in the pools of my neighbor’s homes. My heart and spirits were constantly being filled and guided by those outside the walls of my own home. 

During my teenage years, I was adopted. My adoptive parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it, they truly opened my eyes to what “home” and being a part of this community truly felt like. As a member of the local police department and the first Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) officer, my adoptive dad was a backbone in keeping our community safe and youth focused. My adoptive mom was the one healing hearts and giving hope to so many young ones coming and going through the foster care system. I remember having this overwhelming awakening that this is what home should feel like. 

From teenage-hood to now, I have dived into community involvement. I have volunteered in the classroom, through our local youth athletic programs both on and off the field, as team mom, a cheerleading coach and a board member. This involvement, along with my position at the Red Bluff Round-Up Association and becoming a Tehama County Chamber of Commerce ambassador, has provided me with the honor of working side by side with various businesses, community members and service organizations and to make some of the very best of friends.

The people of this town donate their time, plan and provide family friendly events, support one another, and fundraise until they are blue in the face to help make the dreams of the youth and of our community come alive. 

As a mother and community member, I am so extremely blessed to live in a place that provides such an unbelievable amount of support and deep sense of community to all those it encounters.

These people, who reside in my hometown – they are extraordinary.