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Tutor Doctor’s Personalized Programs Help Students Excel

07/21/2019 11:00AM ● By Christy Milan

Practice What You Teach

August 2019
Story by Christy Milan 
Photos by Melinda Hunter

Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

PARENTING can be tough enough. Adding to the mixture of stress to both parents and kids are grades. In today’s educational system, it may be difficult to get the help you need for your student. 

Andrew and Bridgette Jacobsen started Tutor Doctor of Redding in January 2017 in the hopes of changing that. “I have always centered my life around kids, from owning my own daycare to volunteering and working for Girl Scouts to teaching at elementary schools,” Bridgette says. “It all boils down to the fact that I feel good when I’m involved with something that helps kids. That’s where my passion lives.” 

As a parent and teacher in Redding, she found it difficult to find a tutor. “After hearing a Huntington Learning Center commercial on the radio, I called to get my daughter help in math. The automated system told me, ‘I’m sorry, but we don’t have a center in your area.’  As a second-grade teacher, I asked my fellow teachers about how to get extra help for one of my struggling readers. I was told, ‘Tutoring is not offered here and it’s very hard to find a good tutor.’” 

In 2016, she was thinking about a career change. Her husband, Andrew, had experience with owning a business and marketing. They decided to put their passions together and open up a Tutor Doctor franchise. “We liked the way Tutor Doctor works,” Bridgette says. “The tutoring is done in the student’s home, and a student gets their own private tutor who personalizes a program just for that student.” Tutors are encouraged to support the classroom teacher. Each tutor can be creative in how to reach a student and tailor a program according to the student’s unique learning style. The focus is on filling the gaps in learning. The X-Skills program teaches kids how to manage their time and organize. 

The Tutor Doctor has served 160 North State students. 

Parent Amy Westlund says, “What I enjoy about Tutor Doctor is that the tutors truly care for my son. They do not merely show up weekly to get through an assignment or reach a learning milestone, although important. They are also intentional about establishing a relationship with him and with our family. They are excellent educators who are personally invested in both his academic and personal growth.” 

Tutor Clarissa Romez says, “I have tutored more than 30 students in the past two years. I started to see transformation before my eyes. My students would jump letter grades. They believed in themselves, knowing that they were able to get good results if they set this as their goal. Tutoring changed my life because I see transformation in my everyday life and I hope that this will make a change in the world.”

Adds student David Tunin, “Tutor Doctor has helped not only with my grades but my ability to understand the content taught in class.”

Tutor Doctor networks with Grant School. “Tutor Doctor has been a life saver for us this year,” says Superintendent and Principal Mike Freeman. “We went to them with kind of an out-of-the-box need, specifically with math. In a matter of a few days, they were able to put together a plan to help us support our students and the best part about their plan is that it worked. Our students have been able to get the personalized math support that they need and their confidence as math students has increased dramatically. The quality and caliber of their tutors exceeded my expectations.” 

As for the future of Tutor Doctor, Bridgette says, “We want to expand our SAT/ACT testing program. We will include free group practice tests, free scoring and reports, and free counseling for parents on when to start preparing for the testing, when college application deadlines are, and we want to educate the community about preparing for college.” •

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