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Streamline Your Beauty Routine

07/21/2019 11:00AM ● By Melissa Gulden

Five Minute Fabulous

August 2019
Story by Melissa Gulden

WELL, IT'S THAT TIME again. For parents, it’s back to school for your kiddos; for non-parents, it’s the end of summer and often your own back-to-work after a season of vacations and beach-hair-don’t-care. Most women wear less makeup during the summer—sun-kissed skin often needs far less coverage, and vacation days are spent lounging at pools or beaches where we don’t have to worry as much about how we look. But here we are in August and we again find ourselves at the school drop-off, or worse…the bus stop. If you’re a mom, you might not want to have a full face on for those back-to-school mornings. Wake up just five minutes earlier and try this no-fail routine. 

Foundation = 1 minute.There’s a reason tinted moisturizer is a cult favorite—it’s basically mistake proof. Use fingers to avoid applying too much. Want more coverage? Use a foundation brush in circular motions. Either way, this step will ensure all other color lies beautifully on your
skin. (Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, $44.) 

Blush = 30 seconds. If you’re fast, you can apply a bronzer and blush separately. If not, try a multitasking product that has a bronzer/blush/highlighter all in one and apply with a fluffy brush. Or try a cream stick version for easy application to apples of cheeks and angles of face. For powder, try IT Confidence in Your Glow, $32 and for cream, go with the bestselling Nars The Multiple stick, $39.  

Tightline = 1 minute. Eyeliner can be a time-consuming step that many women skip. Often, women have a hard time creating that perfect line on the upper lash line. A makeup artist trick is called “tightlining” and it can save you time and make your eyes look larger. Use a brush or a waterproof pencil, preferably in a dark brown or black shade. Be sure it’s 100 percent waterproof, otherwise it will run, making you look like that tired, mom at school drop-off. Look down into your mirror and liner to the upper lash line from underneath your lashes into the waterline. Think of it as though you are applying color directly where the lashes are growing out of your skin. This will create a beautiful, thin swipe that will make eyes look more open, and it won’t seem like you tried too hard (moms talk!). Once you get the hang of it, this step will only take you 30 seconds, but for now, I am giving you a full minute. (L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner, $7.) 

Mascara = 30 seconds. Mascara is a tried- and- true product that makes a big difference in your look. It takes 30 seconds at most, opens the eyes and helps you look awake. Even on a naked lid, adding just mascara and liner makes you seem more polished. To apply quickly and correctly, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the brush from left to right at least 2-3 times. The biggest mistake tired moms in a rush make is using a mascara that smudges during application. Try different brands to find the right applicator brush that works with your eye shape and size. You want to be able to quickly apply your mascara in the morning without having to worry about cleaning up smears and chunks of mascara that smudged on your eyelid. Maybelline Great Lash mascara ($5) has a small, curved brush that is easy to manipulate for most women while offering beautiful volume and length. 

Concealer = 30 seconds. Nothing says “I’m tired and it’s only the first day of school” more than dark under-eye circles. It’s a definite must to brighten and cover the under-eye area. This is an instant fix to make your entire appearance refreshed and youthful. An all-in-one brightener and concealer is the best choice for a quick application. Yves Saint Laurent’s bestselling Touche E’clat ($42) is a great choice, as it clicks up easily into a built-in applicator brush that can be swept under the eye for an instant smooth brightening effect. And the serum-like formula never looks cakey or dry.  

Lip Color = 30 seconds. Whether it is lip balm, gloss or lipstick, adding a pop of color to your lips completes your face. Often, by the end of summer, our lips are begging for a bit of hydration, so a lip balm with a sheer tint is a nice option. Choosing something light and simple is the best bet for a mom on the go, adding color without looking overdone. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer ($5) is a drugstore gem. In fact, I often buy my shade any time I see one, as it is often sold out. Pick up a handful of these at a time, so you can keep one in your bag and your car. Trust me. 

Hair = 1 minute (if done the night before). For oily hair, use a dry shampoo at night, before going to bed. It prevents your scalp from producing excess oil overnight and leaves you with a lot less work to do in the morning. With longer hair, put a bit of texturizing spray in, throw hair in a bun and sleep on it. In the morning, wake up to a perfectly “undone but done” hairdo. For shorter hair, quickly curl hair at night with a wand and your curls will be perfect in the morning. Add pomade to tame frizz. (Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo, $23.)

Embrace that alarm! Just five extra minutes can be all you need to face the day. Well, that and plenty of coffee. •