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My Town - Chad Scott

07/21/2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

My Town

Chad Scott, Redding Executive Director  Shasta Builders’ Exchange

August 2019
Photo by M.C Hunter Photography

How do I see my town: 


What is it that I enjoy about Redding? 

Some would highlight the people. Others may point to the nearby mountains, the rivers or the lakes for inspiration. Astonishingly, some love our long, blazing HOT summers (it’s a dry heat).

However, some look around our region and come to a different conclusion. Like many communities, Redding and Shasta County face all kinds of challenges.  But guess what? I’m still all-in with Redding.

We have incredible people here. The “great outdoors” is just outside the front door. Opportunity still exists. And all of those challenges? We can solve them. What’s not to like?

Redding is a place where a person can make a real impact in the community. I didn’t appreciate this quality enough growing up here. Only after returning a handful of years ago did this realization actually click for me. 

Everywhere I went, I would bump into someone I had known years ago who was now making a difference. I’d witness them revitalizing downtown, or caring for our trails, running businesses, raising families, engaging in local government, protecting our streets or teaching others how to connect and to solve, seemingly, intractable problems. YES! Count me in!

In my role at the Shasta Builders’ Exchange, I now have the opportunity to work alongside (if oftentimes only figuratively) an impressively large number of incredible people who make a difference in our community. Every group and every individual who makes Redding and Shasta County better every day inspires me to do more.

A year ago, the Carr Fire impacted our county like nothing else in living memory. The community response that followed was also like nothing else our county had ever experienced. The residents of Redding and Shasta County rose to the challenge and committed to the recovery of our region. How many responders, volunteers, donors, families and other organizations stepped up to help respond to this disaster? Hundreds? Thousands? Who knows? I sure don’t. 

What I do know, however, is that we tackled an apparently insurmountable setback, broke it down, found solutions and began the road to reconstruction and recovery. That process isn’t finished but every morning we find ourselves further ahead than we were the day before with one more problem solved. 

If Carr was any indication, our community can certainly solve our other challenges.