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Keep Boredom at Bay

03/26/2020 06:01PM ● By Emily Miranda

5 Tips to Keeping Busy While Sheltering in Place

March 2020 
Web Exclusive
By Emily J. Miranda

Staying home doesn't mean productivity gets tossed out the door.  Instead of dreading the days ahead, view each new day as an opportunity to challenge yourself and keep boredom at bay.  Here's five tips to stay spiritually, mentally and physically sane while sheltering in place.  


1. Learn a new craft.  Teach yourself a new skill.  Always wanted to paint? Stream some Bob Ross and get to painting some “happy little trees”.  Have an instrument you gave up on?  Start practicing again—practice makes perfect, so what better time to keep at it than the present?  Whether it’s cooking, woodworking, baking, sewing or knitting, the time to learn is now! 

2. Reading list.  We all have one—a pile of books we told ourselves we’d “eventually get around to reading”.  Why not start today?  Write down a list of titles to read and start checking them off.  There’s nothing like a good book to keep your spirits high.

3. Stay active.  Time to roll out the yoga mat, get reacquainted with your treadmill, dust off your in-home gym equipment and put it to use.  For a breath of fresh air, head out to walk your dog or take a jog around the neighborhood.

4. Soundscaping.  Find an isolated area where you won’t be disturbed.  Sit and relax, closing your eyes for the next 1-5 minutes and focus your attention on the sounds around you.  This is a relaxing way to be ‘in the moment’ and appreciate the surrounding sounds (chirping birds, a calming breeze, etc.) of nature we often tune out. 

5. Start an ongoing list of gratitude.  Whether it’s writing in a journal or a list on the fridge, start keeping tabs of the things you’re thankful for and adding new “thanks” every day.  Thankfulness is key to positivity.