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03/30/2020 12:31PM ● By Emily Miranda

3 Fun Ideas for Families Sheltering in Place

March 2020
Web Exclusive
Emily J. Miranda

With all that’s happened in the recent weeks, most of us have had to face a major shift in daily routines. Of these, parents have faced the biggest challenge yet. In addition to parenting, many have had to take on the roles of teacher and stay-at-home parent, and (in some cases) adapting to working from home.  

Here’s three suggestions for keeping the peace at home for families sheltering in place, along with provided links and resources.

1. Family activities.  Add a game night to the schedule, or invent a unique family game together.  Go for a family walk/bike ride around the neighborhood, play a game of catch, or think outside the box and set up a fun obstacle course in your yard or living room.  For a fun, family movie night have everyone pitch in to build a giant blanket fort, pop some popcorn and let the show begin. 

 2. Experiments & crafts. For those working from home, here’s an easy way to find ideas that can keep your youngsters entertained while you work.  Head to Pinterest and search kid friendly DIY projects for simple crafts that your kids can do on their own.  For older children, search DIY science experiments for fun educational ways to stay entertained (some of these are even fun for adults!). 

3. Family story time.  Some of my fondest memories are of my dad reading books to my siblings and I as children.  Reading books to your kids inspires their imaginations and creativity. Set aside time to read them a chapter a day by simply adding this into their nap or bedtime routine.  Reading to your kids can strengthen attention skills and give them something positive to look forward to each day. 

For more kid-oriented ideas we recommend taking a look at this resource from 125 Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis.