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My Town — Derrick Pringle, Jr.

My Town — Derrick Pringle, Jr. 

Photo by MC Hunter Photography
June 2020

My Town: Like Family

My wife and I met at Simpson University in 2003, but moved out of the area that spring. After a four-year stint in Washington State, the opportunity to return to Simpson presented itself and we jumped on it. We have now lived in Redding going on 13 years and we are glad we returned. This is now our home and the place we are raising our children.

One thing I love about Redding is how involved and relational the community is. Being a part of a community that supports and looks out for each other is something my wife and I always dreamed about. We love how when we go out, people know us and sincerely care about the wellbeing of our family. My wife and I don’t have family in Redding, so having our local church (Little Country) and Simpson University embrace us as family has been great. This is something you really don’t get in larger cities.

Another thing I love about Redding is the mountain ranges and the beauty of the outdoors. We are truly blessed to see and fully enjoy God’s creation every day. Coming from the Northwest where you only have two seasons, winter and spring, it has been a pleasure to have four seasons. Seeing the leaves change colors in the fall, enjoying the cold winters, then seeing the flowers bloom in the spring – I even enjoy the hot summers and going to the lake.

Redding is and will forever be our home. I am truly blessed to live in such a rich and loving community.