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June 2020 Enjoy — Vitamin Sea

06/01/2020 02:39PM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Vitamin Sea - June 2020

Editor's Note

June 2020

VITAMIN SEAexpand your horizons

Anyone who has ever picked up our magazine knows one thing about us – we’re eternal optimists. Everything in these pages focuses on the fun, the hopeful, the inspirational, the Enjoy-able. But friends, we aren’t going to lie. This season has been tough, and we are weary. 

Our cure can be found in crashing waves and salty air as we meander west for a dose of vitamin sea—a place where you can devour fresh-caught fish after playing on the beach all day. Being seaside rejuvenates your mind, body, heart and soul, and we could all use a little bit of that right now. Are you ready to plan a trip?

The Friends of the Dunes in Humboldt County have worked for years to painstakingly restore the dunes by hand-removing non-native plant species. Its Humboldt Coastal Nature Center is a hands-on learning hub.

We’ve also got some insider tips for planning your ocean getaway, including accommodations, activities to fill your days and some locally owned places to fill your belly. We ferreted out some sweet surfing spots, too. Of course, be sure that travel restrictions have been lifted and you’re able to follow all necessary health precautions while on the road.

Don’t forget to pack some snacks before hitting the road – make a batch of our Chocolate Sea Salt Granola and munch on it while you travel. The sea salt will get you in that coastal state of mind.

Close your eyes, listen to the roar of Mother Ocean, feel your body relax and absorb every bit of that glorious Vitamin Sea. Enjoy!

Congratulations to our April Giveaway winner, Shelly Poliak — $140 in car washes from Kwik 'n Kleen Car Wash.

On the Cover: Evie Klohe | Photo by Kara Stewart Photography