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August 2020 — Under the Stars

07/28/2020 10:43PM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Editor's Note

August 2020
Under the Stars - Star Light, Star Bright

UNDER THE STARS – On the clearest of nights, after the sun sinks behind the mountains and the sky fades to black, you may feel like you’re staring straight up into heaven as you relax under a blanket of stars.

The night sky is full of magic, and the Mt. Shasta Star Gazers Club is eager to give you a tour. This crew is a mix of casual enthusiasts, amateur astronomers, educators and astrophysicists who are ready to show new friends how to make the best use of their telescopes. Star parties are open to anyone and are usually at Castle Lake – a high-elevation spot that’s closer to the night sky.

Astrophotographers’ focus on the stars is quite literal, achieved through the lens of a manually adjustable camera. Long exposures, trial and error and plenty of patience can lead to exquisite frameable starscapes once you learn the tricks of the trade.

And if you’re camping (or glamping) under those beautiful stars, you can still look your best – our beauty expert shares some pointers on looking picture-perfect even when you’re away from your creature comforts (and makeup mirror).

Tonight when the sun goes down, step outside and take some time to absorb the wonder of the night sky. And if you happen to see a falling star, be sure to make a wish!  Enjoy! 

Cover photo by Ryan Thompson or find him on Instagram @rynotime


Congratulations to our June giveaway winner, Toni Bowman. She won a $100 gift card for Cedar Crest Brewing and a Randy Holbrook handmade growler.