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Ahni and Zoe by Creative Memories

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18925 Saddleback Ridge Rd.
Cottonwood, CA 96022

(530) 921-2861

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Founded 2013

Who Remembers?? Who remembers pulling out a box or album filled with photos and enjoy the memories?? You and whoever else was in the house sat on the floor or the couch or around the dining room table....laughing......crying.......smiling and remembering those funny, serious and precious moments captured by photos. Have you done it recently? Or has it been a year or two or decades ago?? Technology has mad it easy to take photos and share them in cyberspace, but enjoying them, laughing and crying over them.....Who has a "Photo Moment" to share??? It is all about experience right??? And since we're now raising the first generation of children not experiencing the printed photo.... I believe we need to help people remember their own photo experience, so they do not deprive their children and grandchildren of them. Ahni and Zoe mission is to take your pictures of your phone and screen and put them into beautiful and easy to do Scrapbooks. The is perfect for the person who" is not creative enough" or " I am just to busy for that". These albums just take 2 hours to do. You heard me right two hours. So contact me. Let's get a party started with your friends and let me show you how easy this is to do! Life is Beautiful~ Share It! Call me and lets get started! Jennifer Knight Ahni and Zoe Consultant

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