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Shannon (It works! distributor)

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Ultimate Body Applicators that tighten and tone in as little as 45 min!

I am a full time stay at home mom as well as an itworks! distributor :) Many of you have probably heard of that crazy wrap thing, others have not. It works! products are all natural and plant based. The star of the show though, is the ultimate body applicator! It is a plant based infused cloth that you can put anywhere from the neck down. You wear for 45 min and discard. For the next 3 days the results are progressive. This may sound to good to be true but it delivers on what it says it can do. I was a HUGE skeptic, I thought this was just some quick fix, but was desperate to lose my baby weight. I had worked out 5x weekly, went gluten free, sugar free and even tried doing paleo. That only got me so far. I finally decided to let a friend of mine wrap me. After 45 min I had lost 1 inch and it inspired me to continue to wrap until I reached my goal. Once I did, I maintained with a healthy lifestyle and the weight has not come back! What makes this so unique? How does it give you long lasting results? So the plant ingredients penetrate into the fat cell and break down toxins that the fat cells are holding onto. A major function of the fat cells is to store toxins, so if we release the toxins, we get a shrinking of the fat cell. The ingredients also improve microcirculation on the area where the body applicator is applied. This is what contributes to the skin tightening, firming and toning. If we can improve the microcirculation then we can improve the overall health of the area. The wraps don't replace eating healthy or exercise. They contribute to them. Wether your in your 20's or 60's these wraps produce results. They are great for brides to be, new moms, and women who have gone through menopause. There is no limit though to who can benefit from the wraps. And the wraps aren't just loved by women! Men love them to! I always say don't judge a product until you have actually tried it. You really have nothing to lose! Do your research and do what feels best to you! If your interested in learning more or trying a wrap contact me! I would love to hear your heart and goals for your overall health!

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