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Mimi Grace

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Founded 2014


Welcome to Mimi Grace! At you will find pieces of writings about recipes, health and wellness, beauty, fashion, Jesus, and other topics. It is on our heart to help groups and individuals in our community by providing "specials" for those that are trying to raise funds. Please check out our "fundraising" tab on the top to see if you would like to support. It is our goal to give others motivation and encouragement to lead a healthier lifestyle, and you will find that our products encourage that. Our products contain no refined sugar, and you will also see that everything is made with gluten-free and mostly organic ingredients.


We LOVE our community! Our mission is simply to grow with our community and love on the city of Redding! We want to both encourage those in our city to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as provide quality products that will bless those who partake :) The new addition to our company is the "fundraising" aspect. We want to help get the word out for individuals and groups that are looking to raise funds with various objectives. To apply to be highlighted on our site and be able to receive specials on our products, please fill out this simple form (please note that after approval, the words written will be used to post about your fundraising efforts). We look forward to partnering with the community of Redding to continue to make this place an amazing place to live!


*Food products must be made from high quality ingredients using organic whenever possible and never using GMO ingredients.

*Sustaining the environment for future generations by using recyclable and reusable packaging.

*Honor is essential to a thriving person, group, and/or organization. Honor must be present on all levels from customers, competitors in the marketplace, to vendors and government officials and agencies.

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