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Sleep Disorders

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Toronto, CO M6K 3M1

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Founded 2014

This pillow boasts having the most advanced design for a side sleeping pillow. When designing this pillow the major thinking or aim included reduction of snoring, insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and tension in the head / neck / jaw areas and as these factors were in place during the design of the pillow it would be logical to assume that at least some of the targets were met to one extent or another

The special design of the pillow with the 12 degree shoulder cradle provides a good solution for spine, neck and head alignment which is critical for preventing snoring. It is claimed that the pillow is used by medical professionals in many countries therefore there is some recognition of the benefits among a number of professionals.

You Might Need To Sleep On Your Side?” and here we are going to look at the “how” aspect of the equation, so that you can begin to take control of your sleep disorders. The good news I want to share straight away that it is very much possible to learn to sleep on your side or become a side sleeper and this can be done with side sleeper pillows or other DIY methods I talk about below.

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