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801 N Perryville Rd, Ste. 2
Rockford, IL 61107

(888) 626-3412

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Founded 1997

TALENT ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONS Building a high-performing, stable team is essential to drive operational efficiency, exceptional customer service, and bottom-line results. Hiring employees who are the “right fit” for your company is time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive to business routine. FurstPerson’s pre-employment tests and other talent assessment tools give you accurate intelligence to hire people who will stay and perform well – customers achieve ROI of $34:1 through better performance and retention. Traditional applicant screening processes are inefficient, inaccurate, and expensive. FurstPerson delivers digital hiring assessments – aptitude tests, job simulators, and personality tests – that empower talent acquisition teams to make smarter hiring decisions. WHAT IS TALENT FORWARD? Business success depends on hiring talent that adapts to changing client and market demands. Faced with a diverse, multi-generation workforce, many companies continue to rely on dated talent assessment practices that leave them at a competitive disadvantage. Our Talent Forward platform empowers companies to transform the ways that they attract, hire, engage, and retain winning talent. FURSTPERSON: HIRING ASSESSMENT TOOLS AND SERVICES Successful businesses use employment assessment tests to improve the effectiveness of the hiring process. FurstPerson’s customized solutions enable your company to find the ideal talent for your jobs. Our library of assessment tools includes aptitude tests, job simulators, and personality tests to create a holistic talent assessment experience. DELIVERING RESULTS THAT MATTER Our purpose is to use your company's talent to compete more effectively. Our results clearly and undeniably illustrate success, and provide a benchmark from which to continually improve our service to your business. CUSTOM DESIGN Off-the-shelf solutions almost never create value, so FurstPerson customizes every solution to your company’s unique culture, job(s), KPIs and business objectives. EVIDENCE BASED Results matter. FurstPerson continuously monitors the relations between its assessments and your KPIs, thus establishing deep talent-driven intelligence to help drive your business forward.