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Enjoy Magazine

What People Are Saying

The level of quality, talent, hard work, and commitment to creating one of the BEST graphic designed layout publications (that is consistently high quality every single page from cover to cover not just parts it)....Ive ever seen! Especially since Enjoy is more localized for those living in the Northstate area of California and so your magazine is not a big seller nationwide or global type publication YET the quality of work that goes into each months issue with the design, ads, photography, graphics, written articles, typography, creativity, and esthetic quality throughout its BEYOND EXCELLENT! Im a fellow graphic designer and have been around and worked as a desktop publisher in the past before over the years and so Im not just a random person with an opinion that isn't based off of experience and working in this same field as your graphic designers have. So I think that my opinions hold more value when it comes to scrutinizing or critiquing other design work like most artists do. If I wasn't so impressed I never would take the time to write so much and be this enthusiastic about something like this.....because the thing I know that most don't is that your designers are producing high quality....amazing talented creativity....and put their skills level and a LOT of effort into every page in Enjoy. This is why I was blown away from the first time I ever flipped through the pages of your magazine while waiting in a doctors office....where I am always mentally accessing the work of other designers either to fix it or admire it but thats just what we do. I very carefully observed all the detail and design work and layouts down to tiniest of things like the credits and bits that no one reads on the back inside or backside covers but someone who has typeset and designed and done desktop publishing would notice. And I was amazed that every single page and ad placement and layouts throughout the magazine were esthetically PERFECT (in my humble opinion lol) and the creativity of design and quality was outstanding! I have since examined every single issue that comes out and its so inspiring to read and really do 'ENJOY' reading through from cover to cover. Ive been inspired creatively too by some of design work ideas that are unique and something I want to try and create from. The articles are just part of the uniqueness of Enjoy....Iactually LOVE a lot of the local ads in it.....and its funny I can tell immediately if its an ad that your crew designed or if its a originallydesigned ad by some outside source that the company uses like a logo or font or graphic that wasn't designed by your professionals but by some local printing or publishing company that provide shockingly sloppy....hard to read fonts or text size....and just are an eye sore to look at for any designer to look at that cares. You are providing a high quality amazing published magazine to the public (for free) yet you could actually be a subscription only magazine and be quite successful. But maybe thats the charm of Enjoy that it IS localized and for us north state locals to appreciate and rave about that the rest of the state doesnt have! BUT that being said...I honestly think that the graphic design team and the one is charge of editing every single letter and detail from cover to cover before it goes to print....should get a raise...or at least a huge employee appreciation party or bonus!!! Its a 5 star publication by far!!! Keep up the great work you guys!!
~Mindy Pleša

Normally, when reading a magazine, I avoid the ads. But with Enjoy, I find myself attracted to the ads as well as the articles. Each ad and article in your magazine is engaging, the subjects are making eye contact with the reader, the ads are full of expression. What you have created in this lively magazine is impressive. As a designer/publisher, most of my work has been around page layout, so there is a special appreciation for your work. ~ Linda M.

"My husband and I both agree that Enjoy is one of the best regional publications we’ve come across in California. Although we live in Sacramento, we always learn great things by reading Enjoy — and have great inspiration for making some day trips north to explore." -Laurie

“I just picked-up the August issue of Enjoy and as usual, it is outstanding. I read it cover to cover, including the advertisements, and really enjoyed all of the articles. I receive about 6-7 magazines a month, including Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Sat. Eve. Post etc. and read through enjoy more completely than any of the others. Congratulations again for a really well put together publication.” -Joe Branston

Thanks a million for turning me on to Enjoy Magazine. My clients love to leaf through the magazine, which we keep stocked on our front counter. Having a rack of Enjoy magazines adds another touch of class and sophistication to our personal training center. My favorite part of the magazine is the amazing two-page photograph of a scenic North State location. Thanks also for working with me on my Adamson’s Peak Performance advertisements. Because my business is primarily word-of-mouth, I am very selective with any advertising I do. I’ve chose to advertise with Enjoy because its a first class magazine that reflects the same professionalism that I wish to provide through my business. The graphic artists have put together great ads for me, and the response I’ve received from my exposure in Enjoy has been great. -Joe Adamson

Enjoy has allowed us to reach the right customer and helped us to express ourselves visually in the magazine in a way that has exceeded our expectations. Everyone on the staff has been a true joy to work with! -Sherry Lecher

I wanted to express my appreciation for talking me into advertising for Enjoy Magazine. As you promised, there has been a fantastic response from both patients and non-patients alike. The visibility and feedback on the publication has really renewed my enthusiasm for print ads.
Additionally, I really appreciate the in-house ad design the Enjoy team brought to the table. I feel it is important I project a professional image and they made my ad eye appealing and professional all at the same time. Thank you for all your input and assistance. ~Christina Cosh

Enjoy, thank you so much! One of your readers saw the article in Enjoy and she came into our restaurant the very next day to congratulate us. It is very nice to hear the feedback from our customers. We hope we’ll see many new customers. Thank you!  -Kampai Sushi

I just wanted to thank you for adding me to your mailing list. The articles, the layouts, photos, are wonderful! I’m very excited about having a local magazine to share with visiting friends & family. Looking forward to each new issue.
Can you put the YMCA on your mailing list. I think many of the members would also enjoy reading the magazine during their workouts or when they are lounging in the Café with other members.  -Annette Finck

I love your magazine! Also, my Mom (who works at Shasta Regional Hospital) wanted me to pass on to you how fantastic your magazine is – she thoroughly “enjoys” it!!!! She works in scheduling department and has heard various other comments (all good) from patients, doctors, etc. what a wonderful job you all are doing at InHouse Marketing and Enjoy Magazine. -Char Bell

Loved the November issue! You guys are doing an outstanding job with this magazine. -Justine Fenner

Hi… I am 51 years old and have N E V E R written to a magazine… but yours demands attention..what a classy job all the way down to your choice of paper… simply beautiful… you are to be commended..each and every one… I would love to have/purchase and enjoy t-shirt and spread the good news… keep up the great work!  -Catherine Novello

Congratulations on your first issue, the magazine looks fantastic! I wish you success and great joy in future issues. Keep up the good (and hard) work.  -Chris Flentye